5G Industry: Providing Reliable MSP Support During Rapid Growth


Headquartered in San Diego, this founder of 5G silicon chip technology, was under contract with an MSP who was not fulfilling their IT support needs. The provider was not consultative, did not adhere to ITAR compliance practices and was overcharging for their services. The company needed to find a reliable MSP partner who could fulfill their IT support needs 24/7 while also meeting their growth needs as they rapidly expanded.


Pioneering the mmWave revolution, this company is a fabless semiconductor company providing highly-integrated silicon core IC solutions and silicon front ends for mmW markets. Founded in 1999, their products enable low-profile planar solutions for commercial 5G, RADAR and SATCOM markets.


General environment overview:
  • Existing MSP was not providing the full support and value the company required
  • Offices located in Billerica, MA and San Diego, CA
  • 55 employees with significant growth expected over the next 12 months
Other issues uncovered:
  •  A need to migrate away from existing MSP without interruption of services or loss of information
  • Firewall and router review
  • WAP – Meraki and security review
  • Datacenter options:
    • AWS for high-speed, high-end compute resources
    • Private and diverse bicoastal hosting without compromising network performance
    • Disaster recovery
    • Back-up
    • Virtualization
  • Data management
  • Overall infrastructure


Initial contract executed April 2018

  • Supporting 35 users in the Billerica location

Fully-managed services executed September 2018

  • Full migration of eight virtual servers and hosted exchange to BCS365-hosted data center, saving $12,000 a year
  • Supporting more than 80 users in both corporate locations
  • Network management with an SD WAN solution

What other issues were solved?

Streamlined, scalable IT environment

  • BCS365-hosted data center ensures redundancy failover and high-speed access to file servers, active directory and critical business applications
  • AWS environment allows for scalable growth and high-speed compute resource availability
  • Support an average growth rate of 40 users per quarter


  • Predictable cost structure for rapid growth and scalable engineering resources

Managed Services

  • 24x7x365 support, scalable growth options and BCS365-hosted data center
  • Improved support at a reduced cost

Enhanced cybersecurity

  • Migration from hosted exchange to BCS365 with ITAR security compliance
  • Monitoring and logging user behavior to prevent internal data loss
  • Encryption, data backup and GPS asset controls