Manufacturing Industry: A New Phone System Was Just the Beginning


In 2012, the Client was in the market for new phone system. With multiple offices in the U.S. and abroad, it was particularly important they have a system that included integrated teleconferencing. The Client had an existing relationship with an MSP who did not sell or support VoIP phone systems, and they knew that with their projected growth, they may have to consider a change.


Founded in 1916, this Massachusetts-based manufacturer of technologically-advanced textiles for the automotive, medical, filtration and defense markets, had only 300 employees when they began their partnership with BCS365 in 2012. They now have more than 700 employees worldwide. With a state-of-the-art manufacturing network that spans eight global manufacturing plants and seven commercial offices, this company is world-renowned for their lamination production.


When BCS365 first started consulting with the Client, they were in the market for a new phone system. While initially looking at Avaya products, BCS365 recommended a Cisco solution instead because they were an industry leader from a technology perspective.

At the time, VoIP phone integration was the optimal choice, but implementing that system would require upgrading all the Client’s switching to handle the new phone system. Although this would be a significant investment, BCS365 was able to clearly illustrate the cost benefits of making the change.

During the discovery process, BCS365 was able to get a better understanding of the Client’s data management needs and recommended installing new routers with servers and setting up local authentication at all the sites with these servers.


At the time, the two largest VoIP manufacturers were Avaya and Cisco. The Client carefully reviewed both systems and ultimately chose Cisco and worked with the BCS365 account management team, to assist in the purchase and installation of the phone system. BCS365 installed a Cisco BE6K solution across all their sites. To support this solution, the Client required an upgrade to all their switching, routing and even some cabling. The system included integrated teleconferencing which was especially important to address their geographically disparate offices. 

With their projected growth, they needed to align with an MSP that could continue to support them as they expanded. When they found out BCS365 supported more than just VoIP, they decided to cut ties with their MSP and move all support services to BCS365. 

Since our partnership with the Client began in 2012, they have grown to more than 700 employees, 35 servers and 300 workstations. In addition to the initial project to implement a new communications system, BCS365 provides the Client with 24/7/365 managed IT support services for their multiple sites. BCS365 also worked closely with the client when they merged with a North Carolina-based company in 2018. As part of this merger, BCS365 onboarded 80 new users, including setting them up with Office 365 and migrating them to the corporate domain.