Life Science Industry: The Know How to Best Support the Specialized Needs of Life Science Companies

The Know How to Best Support the Specialized Needs of Life Science Companies


In 2019, the Client, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, sent out a Request for Proposal (RFP) looking for core IT services in a regulated environment including:

  • End-user device and application support
  • Installation and support of infrastructure, network and security platform
  • As needed project-based services


Founded in 2017, this Stamford-based biopharmaceutical company applies a precision medicine approach to acquiring, developing and commercializing life-changing medicines for underserved patient populations suffering from severe rare diseases and cancer. The Client pioneers pathways for drug development, leveraging shared-value partnerships with patient advocacy groups, industry innovators and investors so they can bring new therapies to patients.

The purpose of the Client’s RFP was to solicit proposals to provide information technology services through a Managed Service Provider (MSP) model including standard SLA services, hourly-based IT staff augmentation, results-based IT Statements of Work (SOW) and other services as needed. BCS365 participated in the six-week RFP process alongside four other MSPs. IT was BCS365’s 24/7 reliable support, vast engineering resources, biotech experience and ability to provide a secure document repository that won the business.


As outlined in the RFP and learned during the discovery process, BCS365 identified the Client had the following needs:

  • IT consultation
  • Building and securing a scalable cloud-based network
  • Support for approximately 100 users
  • Infrastructure build out, monitoring, maintenance and remediation
  • Enhancement of their single IT staff
  • Qualified hosting, validation and compliant cloud
  • A rigorous security posture
  • A change control system


To solve the Client’s needs and challenges, the following solutions were proposed.

  • Desktop and infrastructure support for a team of 100 with projected future growth
  • Implementation of Life Science LaunchPad – an infrastructure solution uniquely tailored to the life science market to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Procurement and installation of change control software and an additional module to manage human resources
  • Ongoing consultation on technical needs including procurement, security, network design, policies and procedures


By partnering with BCS365, the Client was able to focus their time and resources on their core business rather than investing both on additional IT staff and tools. With this heightened focus, the Client was able to accomplish their goal of taking the organization public and raising capital for long-term success. In addition, with the solid security posture and validated systems now in place, the Client is prepared for FDA approval of pharmaceuticals in the pipeline. When those approvals come to fruition, the Client is positioned to commercialize and sell their therapies via an internal sales team.