Cloud-native architecture for life sciences

Enterprise cloud solutions can transform the way life science companies operate, innovate, and deliver value. These cutting-edge technologies offer unprecedented scalability and agility, particularly when used for application development, as is the case with cloud-native architecture. 

This article will look at the immense potential of cloud-native architecture for life science companies and the key considerations they should think about when adopting the technology. 

Cloud-native architecture explained

Cloud-native architecture (CNA) is a modern approach to designing, building, and running applications that capitalize on established cloud services. Along with being usable within private and hybrid cloud environments, CNA is often associated with public cloud providers—Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

At its core, CNA is comprised of the following components:

By taking full advantage of these cloud architecture components, companies can create applications that are inherently more flexible and resilient than non-cloud-developed applications.

The benefits of cloud-native architecture for life science companies

Life science companies, like other industries, are faced with the growing need to accelerate innovation and achieve more with less. Leveraging cloud-native architecture presents a unique opportunity to meet these demands.

Specifically, the benefits of CNA for life science companies include:

What key considerations should life science companies keep in mind when adopting cloud-native architecture?

To fully leverage the benefits of cloud-native architecture, life science companies need to adopt a strategic approach to investments and use cases.

This involves considering the following aspects:

Obtain enterprise cloud solutions with expert assistance and support

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