What does Microsoft Copilot actually do?

Though generative AI technology has numerous constraints, it cannot entirely replace real people. However, it can aid imaginative individuals in sparking their creative thinking, developing concepts, overcoming creative obstacles and more.

Microsoft is developing its answer to high-functioning AI chatbots like ChatGPT: Microsoft Copilot. The AI assistant is designed to enhance the overall user experience and transform the way people work.

What is Microsoft Copilot?

Copilot is an in-program AI helper, fueled by OpenAI’s GPT4 technology. Copilot combines large language models (LLM) with your business data in the Microsoft 365 Graph and apps to provide feedback, recommendations, data analysis, and much more.

This AI capability is integrated with business data to enhance the efficiency of Microsoft 365 core applications such as Word, PowerPoint, Teams and others. It will have the capacity to take notes, transcribe meetings, draft emails and oversee a wide array of additional tasks.

Based on the app, Copilot is capable of performing a range of diverse functions. For instance, in Word, it has the ability to edit and offer suggestions for text, as well as produce text as needed. On the other hand, in PowerPoint, a user may utilize Copilot to convert written or verbal instructions into visual or structural components for presentations.

Enhance user experience

Copilot is designed to enhance the user’s natural working abilities. It provides creators with a starting point when required, and a method for persevering during challenging periods, by examining patterns, managing information (such as from your conferences and idea generation sessions) and ensuring a polished and professional appearance.

Boost creativity

Copilot is designed to enhance the user’s natural creativity by analyzing their work and providing recommendations, creating first drafts to be edited and improved on, and much more. This saves time and gives users solid groundwork to start with, ensuring they do not have to start with a blank slate every time a new project is begun.

Copilot provides an initial draft for you to modify and refine, considerably reducing the time spent on writing, gathering, and editing. The writer will maintain complete control, steering their ideas and directing Copilot in how to act – providing feedback, rewriting sections of work, and more.

Improve productivity

Microsoft 365 is known as the world’s most popular productivity platform, and with good reason. Copilot will enhance the Office 365 suite by providing the tools users need to streamline their daily tasks.

For example, it enables swift email thread summarization and reply drafting in Outlook, allowing users to clear their inbox in mere minutes. Copilot in Teams ensures every meeting is efficiently summarized by compiling essential talking points, including participants’ statements, areas of agreement and disagreement, and recommending actions in real time. In Power Platform, Copilot empowers users to automate repetitive work, develop chatbots, and transform ideas into functional apps quickly.

Analyze data

A prime example of Microsoft Copilot’s capabilities is showcased when utilized in Excel. The AI can examine your information, identify patterns in specific data groups, generate new spreadsheets and charts based on the analysis and even explain its processes and reasoning behind the conclusions.

Copilot also has instant access to your business information in the Microsoft Graph. This enables the AI to produce content and answers based on your business’s data – such as documents, emails and more. It then merges this information with your current work situation, including your ongoing meeting, previous email discussions on a subject and last week’s chat conversations.

Assured security controls

Copilot is seamlessly incorporated into Microsoft 365, and automatically adopts your organization’s essential security, compliance, and privacy policies and procedures. Features like multi-factor authentication, compliance restrictions, privacy safeguards, and more ensure Copilot acts within your security boundaries.

Microsoft has assured customers that Copilot is not trained on their tenant information or prompts. Within your tenant, Microsoft’s permissioning model guarantees no data leakage between user groups. Furthermore, Copilot only displays data you have permission to access, utilizing Microsoft’s technology to ensure data is kept secure.

Adopt Microsoft Copilot with expert assistance

Microsoft created Copilot as an AI assistant for humans who are struggling to get things done on their own. It uses AI techniques, such as machine learning and natural language processing, to understand how the user works and provides assistance when needed.

As a Certified Microsoft Partner, BCS365 can help your business integrate Microsoft Copilot into your existing Microsoft environment, configure it to your users’ needs, and train your people to ensure they get the most out of next-generation AI.