How the right IT infrastructure can improve your business

Businesses need to be competitive and adaptable in order to survive in the modern world. To that end, the right IT infrastructure is vital to increasing your efficiency and delivering excellent customer experiences.

With all the talk about digital transformation these days, 70% of businesses surveyed in a study by IBM and Oxford stated a reliable, stable IT infrastructure helps optimize business performance and provides a competitive advantage. 

Actively improving your IT infrastructure and committing to ongoing monitoring and maintenance can bring your business many benefits and allow you to scale ahead of your competitors.

Centralized structure

The centralized structure of an established company makes it easier to integrate new technologies and manage operations across departments. Overall, it makes the company more efficient and more likely to succeed in the long term.

A centralized network architecture and control mechanisms can help your organization stay relevant and online during periods of high traffic. Your IT team can focus on the most essential functions without being distracted by day-to-day maintenance. This enables you to draw upon a team’s collective digital experience and knowledge to help you navigate the ever-increasing complexity of the modern enterprise.

Boosted productivity

As an organization’s productivity increases, leaders realize the value of streamlining processes and automating critical tasks. Without an IT infrastructure that meets your daily operations, you’re at risk of losing productivity, efficiency and quality.

Investing in your IT infrastructure can lead to productivity gains and improve your operations. A well-designed IT architecture connects departments and simplifies procedures, which is why a strong IT infrastructure is so vital. 

Ensure customer retention

Bringing new leads to your business and retaining customers is the foundation of your company’s success. However, in this digital age, customers are increasingly more impatient for fast and smooth service delivery; 41% believe slow and unresponsive service is at the heart of a bad customer experience.

To attract new customers and retain existing ones, you must ensure services and communications are uninterrupted by downtime and delayed delivery. This is how the right IT infrastructure can improve your customer’s experience with your business. For example, if your IT infrastructure is outdated, it can make it difficult for your business to connect to the internet and download software updates. In addition, if your IT infrastructure is overburdened, it can lead to slowdowns and outages.

Enhanced cybersecurity

Whether you’re running a large enterprise or a start-up, it’s important to have a secure environment in which to operate. A secure IT infrastructure is the first step in ensuring your company’s data is protected from unauthorized access and theft. Plus, it allows you to respond quickly to any issues which arise.

Strong cybersecurity will not only keep your sensitive information secure from malicious software, it will increase the overall performance of your business by reducing costs associated with downtime and equipment replacement.

Strengthen your network

It’s no secret a strong network is essential for any business. Whether you’re connecting with customers, employees or suppliers, it’s essential to have a reliable and safe network and systems. Investing in the right IT infrastructure will help ensure your network is both secure and reliable. This can include high-quality security software, high-performance hardware and networking equipment.

By strengthening your existing network infrastructure, your company can ensure your expansion efforts remain as efficient and effective as possible. Improving your network, either by adding new equipment or revamping old infrastructure to provide more bandwidth, can help mitigate any unexpected network crashes or downtime.

Streamline application performance

IT infrastructure is the foundation which supports the functionality of all your applications. It is important to have a well-planned IT infrastructure which is able to support your application’s growth and ensure it remains stable. 

When your business apps are not optimized, performance can suffer. For example, if a database has too many constraints or a server is not properly configured, performance can be degraded, and it performance is poor, it may have a negative impact on user experience and overall growth. In order to ensure application performance is streamlined, you must employ dependable IT infrastructure management.

Increased uptime

Your organization’s digital transformation journey should begin with ensuring existing equipment and infrastructure is in good shape. From there, your focus should be on finding better solutions for unexpected breakdowns. When IT infrastructure is not maintained, it can have a significant impact on productivity and the service level of the business. A down network costs money and time. 

To ensure reliable, high-performing networks which enable you to maintain your high standards of service, your IT infrastructure needs to be managed, monitored and maintained. Reducing downtime and ensuring your business remains online when you need it the most will help to reduce costs associated with downtime and support calls.

Find the right IT infrastructure for your business success

As the modern world becomes increasingly digital, businesses are faced with the challenge of investing in an effective and seamless digital infrastructure. With so much information being transferred across networks and the internet today, organizations need a strategy to channel the right information to the right people at the right time.

The IT infrastructure specialists at BCS365 will improve your availability, increase uptime and reduce costs with customized solutions to benefit your business.