How Microsoft 365 can streamline biomedical companies

Biomedical companies are growing increasingly reliant on technology to streamline operations, increase visibility, and drive transformation. 

Digital transformation is enabling these enterprises to more rapidly discover new product opportunities and market opportunities, while also creating greater demand for cloud services within the industry. 

If you’re leading a biomedical company and looking for ways to accelerate business growth, you should consider streamlining your workflow with Microsoft 365 services.

Challenges faced by biomedical companies

Biomedical companies face a number of unique challenges — from the need to ensure regulatory compliance and data privacy, to managing the growth of their operations across the globe. They have seen a significant rise in demand for their products, often necessitating expansion and hiring additional personnel to keep pace with demand. This can lead to challenges in managing data across the enterprise and with visibility across the organization.

Businesses in this industry are also contending with the need to invest in upgrading legacy infrastructure and systems in order to accommodate the digital transformation occurring across the industry.

Microsoft 365 benefits

With Microsoft 365, your team members can collaborate on projects from any location, while IT admins can manage security and compliance across the solution and integrate with other business applications. 

The benefits of adopting Microsoft 365 for biomedical companies include: 

Real-time insights and analytics: Leverage powerful insights to make smarter decisions and drive better business results across your organization with Power BI.

Security and compliance: Protect sensitive information and safeguard your company against cyber threats while meeting compliance requirements through Microsoft 365’s robust security features.

Agility and scalability: Improve your ability to quickly adapt and respond to change in the market. 

Mobility and productivity: Enable your teams to collaborate and get more done from anywhere and on any device. 

Transformation and innovation: Prepare your organization for the future by providing new opportunities for growth and innovation.

Digital transformation: Bring your teams together, transform the way your organization works and  facilitate a digital transformation for your biomedical company through Microsoft 365’s remote collaboration and communication-based platform.

Content and collaboration: Increase the impact and value of your content by making it discoverable and more accessible across your organization with Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint.

Unified communications: Bring together your team members’ communications into a single experience with chat-based app Microsoft Teams and simplify collaboration across tools and applications. 

Security and compliance

Microsoft 365 provides a comprehensive approach to data security and compliance, including security features built directly into the applications. It also includes tools which integrate with third-party security systems, allowing businesses to create a cohesive security strategy. 

This comprehensive approach to security is especially helpful in the biomedical industry, which must observe stringent regulatory compliance and risk mitigation processes and policies. Biomedical companies must be able to confidently store sensitive data, while at the same time, they must be able to prove they are adhering to strict privacy and security guidelines.

Microsoft 365 security features include:

  • Microsoft Information Protection
  • Windows Defender Antivirus
  • Windows Defender Exploit Guard
  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • Azure Advanced Threat Protection
  • Mobile Device Management

Data analysis

Biomedical companies leverage data to gain insights on product performance, supply chain efficiency and more. This data can be anything from test results to DNA sequences. However, it’s not enough to simply possess this data; businesses need to be able to make sense of it. 

With Azure data services, it’s easier than ever to build robust data analytics solutions that meet business requirements. As a cloud-based computing service, Azure allows companies to process large amounts of data in a centralized fashion. This is especially important for biomedical companies, which often deal with massive data sets that are too big to be processed locally.

Power BI, powered by Azure, also helps organizations gain greater visibility into their business and drive more informed, real-time decision-making. Power BI solutions provide self-service analytics and visualization capabilities, helping your organization gain greater insights into your business and discover new ways to grow.

Find the right solution with expert assistance

Biomedical companies are primed for transformation, but they may not be fully prepared for the technological challenges they face along the way. Microsoft 365 can help you overcome these challenges and make the most of your technology investments.

The Microsoft 365 consultants at BCS365 specialize in partnering with biomedical companies to help them digitize and upgrade their IT infrastructure for digital transformation opportunities. Talk to them today and find out how your company can streamline the productivity, efficiency and daily workflows of your business with Microsoft 365’s powerful productivity suite.