5 ways Microsoft 365 makes business more efficient

Today’s business environment consistently throws challenges and pressures upon organizations. Regardless if they work in the legal field or are a managed services provider (MSP), companies need to be able to create, store, and edit their data and projects to keep their reputation and goals from falling apart. 

Microsoft 365 (M365) is a reliable tool that can improve business efficiency across an entire organization, and with the right expertise, it can help to streamline your business processes and boost both project management and operational efficiency.

Encourages collaboration amongst employees

As a solutions offering tool designed to promote productivity, Microsoft 365 supports numerous programs and features accessible from a central hub via the Internet. Companies can utilize this to encourage face-to-face work between employees and collaborative projects between departments. 

In regards to your business and what may be the most applicable to you, M365’s services include:

  • Microsoft Teams — a collaborative platform enabling communication through video chat and instant messaging.
  • Microsoft OneDrive — cloud-based storage for files and information.
  • Microsoft Word — software used to write documents and other text-based publications.
  • Microsoft Outlook — an email server that can double as a planner with its interactive, highly-efficient calendar system.
  • Microsoft Excel — a program used for creating spreadsheets.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint — a program for creating presentations.

With the applications named above, companies can make their employees’ lives easier by opening more communication channels which, in the long run, will streamline teamwork-based tasks. According to Zippia’s research, as of 2022, 86% of employees in leadership positions cite poor teamwork as the root cause of failed projects in the corporate sphere. Clear communication and hassle-free collaboration are of key importance to push a business forward and boost the efficiency of its staff.

Expands the walls of the office

As the world picks up speed and the workplace morphs to keep up with it, customers expect their needs to be met without delay. Hybrid and fully remote workplaces have increased in popularity and are no longer short-term solutions. 

Consequently, employees need their work and data to be readily available to satisfy their employer’s business model, no matter their location. The programs Microsoft 365 support are all based in the cloud. In other words, they are fully accessible from anywhere and at any time as long as you have an Internet connection.

The location of your employees is no longer a factor that determines whether or not they can meet your expectations. Microsoft 365’s programs effectively widen the scope of a company’s network management strategy and aids workers in all single-tasking and group-based operations. As a result, your business may continue to run at full effect, despite not being physically located in one spot. 

Cost-effective plans relevant to you

The beauty of M365 is its financial efficiency. It offers a variety of plans — each with its own set of programs and features — that you can subscribe to based on your business’s current needs and budget.

For businesses, these plans are as follows:

  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic
  • Microsoft 365 Apps for business
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard
  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium

Each subscription supports productivity applications with which most people are familiar. For example, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are available to all users. Unsurprisingly, the Business Standard and Business Premium plans offer more advanced services better suited for larger corporations.

With that being said, a business can choose to upgrade to another plan to support growing workloads and employee needs when necessary. Rather than forcing companies to pay for irrelevant tools, M365’s subscription model presents several options, ultimately allowing businesses to choose the plans that best serve their workers and enhance their output.

Manage data securely

Whether they are a managed IT services provider or a small-town accounting firm, businesses today are treasure troves of data that cybercriminals may find appealing. Microsoft 365 supports services used for detecting potential cyberthreats and securing your programs: 

  • Microsoft Sentinel — gathers intelligence and analyzes threats.   
  • Microsoft Purview — monitors the security and movement of data. 
  • Advanced Threat Protection — offers all-purpose cyber protection for networks.
  • Microsoft Defender — antivirus software built into devices utilizing Windows 10 and 11. 
  • Information Protection — encrypts data and allows you to restrict users’ access to critical information.
  • Identity and Access Management — gives the ability to designate levels of access to users. This determines how they can use your network and what they can see.   

At the same time, data and information implemented into, or created within, M365 programs are stored inside highly-secure data centers. These buildings house the physical hardware that supports cloud storage.

While this doesn’t give you the luxury of believing cybersecurity services and safe practices do not apply to your business, it can provide you with peace of mind knowing that built-in security features in Microsoft’s software, and the organization’s external precautions, allow your employees to focus on satisfying customer requests, rather than worrying about the safety of their documents.

Keep your business abreast with the modern workforce

M365 offers easy-to-use, time-tested tools that businesses and their employees can use to cope with the increasing demands of customers and evolving industries. Any hardware and software may serve as the basic skeleton to build your company’s IT infrastructure around.

However, managing and maintaining those specific programs and solutions can be monumental for any corporation, and your projects should never be prioritized second.  

The Microsoft strategy consultants at BCS365 have the technical expertise that can help empower your workers and boost your profit margins. Speak with them today to see how your company can use M365 to become more efficient.