Security Risk Assessment

Is Your Business Safe From Cyber Attacks?

BCS365 understands that safeguarding your business against cyber threats is critical. That’s why we are thrilled to introduce our comprehensive Security Risk Assessment, designed to empower your organization.
We specialize in cybersecurity, and our team of US-based engineers have the expertise needed to help assess your security posture and make meaningful recommendations.

What's Included in the Assessment?

This all-encompassing assessment incorporates four vital components, ensuring your organization’s security is impenetrable.

  1. Penetration Testing – Our meticulous pen testing evaluates your system’s resilience against real-world attacks.
  2. Internal Vulnerability Scan – This process reviews your internal network for any potential weaknesses.
  3. 3rd Party Risk Report Card – We provide an external Risk Report Card from a independent 3rd Party Service.
  4. Detailed Findings Report Review Session – We will present a comprehensive breakdown of your assessment results, offering you a detailed view of potential risks and empowering you to take action.

Custom Remediation Options

Comprehensive BCS365 Service Agreement

Engage our team to resolve all vulnerabilities found in the trial. Our experts will deploy tools to monitor, alert, and patch your endpoints on an ongoing and proactive basis to ensure 24/7/365 protection.

Fixed Price Remediation Project

Choose our one-time project fee to remediate the issues uncovered during the trial, allowing you to address additional vulnerabilities on your own going forward.

Independent Use

Take the findings report and use it on your own to implement independent remediation steps.

What are the Benefits?

Comprehensive Evaluation

Gain valuable insights into the security of your endpoints and understand the potential risks and vulnerabilities your organization may be facing.

Risk Mitigation

Identify and remediate potential risks before bad actors can exploit them, minimizing the risk of costly downtime and business disruptions.

Expert Analysis

Let our trained security professionals analyze the findings and receive our actionable recommendations.

Take the First Step Toward Securing Your Business!

Let our trained security professionals analyze the findings and receive our actionable recommendations.