Data and Asset Protection

What's Included
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Endpoint Asset Protection

See, understand, and control your entire endpoint population from a single pane of glass – no matter where the devices are located.

Endpoint Data Protection

Combine SaaS application and endpoint backup to protect end-user data where it lives, simplifying unified search, compliance and eDiscovery.


Protects your data by continuously validating the user, application, and security integrity of a device before allowing access to encrypted data.

Ensures business continuity with an undeletable digital tether to your devices, data and business applications for complete visibility and control, including the ability to freeze or wipe devices.

Maintains compliance, manages secure device lifecycles, and safeguards your assets.

Enables essential security tools — antivirus, encryption and VPN — to automatically self-heal, repair or reinstall when they are disabled, altered, or made vulnerable.

Properly governs data by simplifying the process of meeting increased regulations, data compliance and legal demands no matter where the data resides.

With data intelligence, leverages predictive early assessment, data forensics, and information lifecycle management to stay ahead of business data risks.

Provides critical workloads with coverage that protects and manages data where it lives whether on-premise or in the cloud.

Securely backs up and quickly restores data with the scale and simplicity of the public cloud.