SharePoint Consulting & Development

Empower your team and build a powerful collaborative environment with optimized SharePoint services.

Empower your team and increase efficiency with our SharePoint consulting & development services

Transform your business processes with dynamic and productive Microsoft team sites

BCS365 is a certified Microsoft consultant specializing in all Microsoft applications – SharePoint, Windows 10, Azure, Teams, Skype for Business, Office 365 and Exchange. We have a long history of successful SharePoint implementation projects for a variety of clients. Our expertise equips us with the right skills to get you a unique SharePoint solution that works for you – consulting, migration, implementation, project management, CRM integration, and development services.

Maximize efficiency and team productivity with highly skilled SharePoint consulting & development services

SharePoint consulting

Our SharePoint consultants can guide you on how to make SharePoint work for your business. We will create a project map on how to implement SharePoint for your specific situation.

Custom development

We understand the challenges many organizations face with SharePoint adoption. Our certified SharePoint developers create a custom solution that fits your unique business requirements.

SharePoint migration

SharePoint promotes better teamwork with organized documents and virtual collaboration. Make your SharePoint seamless; we do the heavy lifting of migrating documents, data, and security into SharePoint, Azure, and Office 365.

SharePoint hub site

Organize concepts, teams, divisions, or resources throughout your organization. We can customize your SharePoint online hub, ensuring it meets your unique business needs.

Financial dashboard

Ensure transparency and precision with visible financial records and automated financial management workflows.

Team training & development

Get your teams trained on the collaborative tools they need to improve efficiency and productivity with centralized communication.

Business intranet

Navigating the intranet can be confusing, so we set up SharePoint as a file-sharing system that keeps all your business processes running efficiently with better collaboration.

Data & document management

SharePoint was created to manage and seamlessly share documents and data, making them organized, in one place, and easy to find.

Project management

We can automate project management workflows and case management workflows for any industry with the right data.

Discover how to make SharePoint specifically work for your business

Our solutions are designed to take the pain out of planning, migration, adoption, implementation, collaboration, and SharePoint management. With SharePoint, you efficiently manage data, documents, and applications, empower your workforce, find information quicker, and seamlessly collaborate across the organization. Your workforce is one click away from specialized knowledge, with SharePoint’s advanced ability to find solutions.

Our unique, well-defined roadmap incorporates an assessment phone call evaluating your current workflow and systems, developing and designing a fitting SharePoint solution, and finally testing and deploying the new key to ensure a smooth operation.

Get the best SharePoint consulting & development services in the U.S.

When you hire us, you don’t just get a working SharePoint solution for your organization. Our team at BCS365 will ensure full adoption and integration by building a system you will love. We’re located in Rockland, Massachusetts, San Diego, California, Campbell, California, Tampa, Florida, Stamford, Connecticut, Atlanta, Georgia, and Durham, North Carolina.

With a highly skilled team of SharePoint experts, we offer a customized solution that addresses the unique needs of your business. If you need assistance to solve your SharePoint challenges, drop us a line, and we would be happy to have a chat about your needs.