Managed Security Services

Protect your critical business assets with proactive monitoring and managed security solutions

Proactive cybersecurity to protect your digital assets, 24/7/365

Welcome to our fortified realm of proactive protection. At BCS365, we are the guardians of your digital domain, offering more than just managed services – we provide peace of mind. With our 24/7/365 security operations center, we stand as an impenetrable fortress, safeguarding your business against the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats. Our team of experts, armed with the best tools in the industry, monitor, detect, and neutralize risks in real time. Trust us to be your shield, so you can focus on propelling your business forward, assured that your security is our top priority. 

Network and information security protection

Our extensive, advanced threat intelligence and network protection services cover your endpoints, monitoring, analysis, network and vulnerability management. With a unified approach towards managed security, our expert team of certified security experts ensures your business processes, employees, and technology stay protected 24/7/365.

Let us focus on securing all your assets, so you can focus on growing your business

Advanced endpoint threat prevention and detection and advanced remediation management.

Vulnerability management: vulnerability scanning, web application scanning, web compliance, PCI scanning, vulnerability program management.

Security management: managed IDS/IPS, managed iSensor IPS, managed firewall.

Security monitoring: security event monitoring, log management and compliance monitoring.

Managed security services that cover every aspect of your network perimeter

At BCS365, we offer complete security solutions implemented by experienced security experts. Operating a fully-managed process, we identify unknown threats within your devices, network, databases, web applications, servers, etc.

Our extensive range of services includes advanced cyber threat intelligence, threat prevention services, as well as a counter threat platform that eliminates false positive threats.

person establishing network and security protection in laptop

Industry-leading information security services anywhere in the U.S.

Get world-class managed security services from our team of certified security experts in the U.S. We have offices in Rockland, Massachusetts; San Diego, California; Campbell, California; Tampa, Florida; Stamford, Connecticut; Atlanta, Georgia, and Durham, North Carolina.  

Our managed security services are customized to suit your unique business needs. So, if you’re looking for a U.S-based managed security team capable of handling your security 24/7, drop us a line. Our seasoned security experts will be happy to discuss your options.