Data Governance Service

Minimize risk and protect your reputation with adaptable and effective data governance. 

Maximize the value of your business data for organizational effectiveness with strong data governance

Implement the right processes while scaling your operations

As the economic landscape becomes increasingly data-driven, efficient data governance practices are essential for keeping data management under control. Data governance facilitates the implementation of the right processes required to keep the standards of data security and quality high. In addition to improving operational effectiveness, data governance reduces the business risks associated with improper data management.

The well-defined data governance process your business needs

Efficient data governance and management using innovative technology

Management of data complexity with well-structured data governance training

Auditable approach with full mapping and classification of end-to-end flow

Right-sized data environment with accurate reporting and management

BCS365 data governance solutions bring value to your organization

Our data governance services offer sensitivity-based classification with a focus on data storage points. We implement data assessment scans to identify your corporate sources, storage points and current security measures.

Based on this assessment, we provide strategies for creating your organizational data governance and management solutions, addressing gaps in your data security processes and reducing the risk of security threats.

Managed data governance strategy

Get a fully-managed data governance solution, wherever your business is located. We have offices in Rockland, Massachusetts; San Diego, California; Campbell, California; Tampa, Florida; Stamford, Connecticut; Atlanta, Georgia; and Durham, North Carolina.

The BCS365 dedicated data governance team is available around the clock to help you implement the right processes to keep your critical data management systems secure.

With services that are built to address the unique needs of your business, you can have peace of mind knowing we have your core business interests at heart. So, if you’re looking for an expert team to implement best practice data governance processes throughout your business, drop us a line, and we will be more than happy to discuss your needs.